Alauda Publications is a publishing house in the field of art and photography.

Our aim is to publish works in which form and content meaningfully interrelate. Close collaboration with artists and authors is crucial to us. A cross-disciplinary editorial approach allows for a wide range of themes. We perceive a book to be an alternative medium for artists, both as a visual object and as a way of documenting the artistic process.

The emphasis is on carefully designed publications, with an eye for tactility, craftsmanship, and ecology. We work without a fixed procedure or a pre-specified format: for every project a tailor-made plan is created, encompassing all steps from the initial idea to the distribution.

Alauda Publications is an Amsterdam-based internationally operating publishing house, founded in 2009.

Listen to the song of the skylark:

is the middle name of Esther Krop (Esther Alauda Krop). It’s the scientific name for skylark, given by Linnaeus in 1758.

‘There is nothing which signifies or expresses summer more, I think, than the skylark singing as it soars high against the sun in a clear blue sky. Such an ecstatic song for such a nondescript bird. An exaltation of larks indeed!’ (Greytown, Wairarapa, 2005)

Esther Krop
Director of Alauda Publications

Alauda Publications is a member of Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers (DIABP)

Web developer: Joop Laan
Photography and art direction: The Book Photographer

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