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Objects of desire

  • Outskirts
    Daisuke Yokota

    A hallucinatory night walk in the outskirts of Tokyo, where sleepy suburbia emerges as otherworldly dreamscape. The occasional eerie appearance of a girl evokes riveting imageries: could this be the backdrop for a nocturnal crime scene? Or are we drawn into a tale of irretrievable loss and love?

    92 pages | 23 x 31,4 cm | Sewn paperback
    ISBN: 978-90-823966-3-8 | ENG

    Photography: Daisuke Yokota
    Graphic design: Esther Krop

    First edition: 500 copies
    Also available: signed and numbered limited edition with 2 original prints
    (see: special editions).

    € 45.00

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  • Lâmo Lâva
    Melanie Matthieu

    Lâmo Lâva (old French patois for “Up there, down there”) revolves around a journey undertaken by Zürich-based visual artist Melanie Matthieu to the pilgrimage site of Our Lady of La Salette in the French Alps, where an apparition is said to have occurred in 1846.

    122 pages | 20,5 x 29,2 cm | Paperback (hand bound)
    ISBN: 9789081531489 | ENG

    Photography and research: Melanie Matthieu
    Project collaborator: Scott Rogers
    Text and editing: Melanie Matthieu and Scott Rogers
    Graphic design: Esther Krop

    First edition: 300 numbered copies with a riso print.
    The first 50 copies are signed by Melanie Matthieu and contain an original silkscreen print instead of a riso print (see: special editions).

    € 38.00

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  • Museutopia
    A Photographic Research Project by Ilya Rabinovich

    Photography project of museums in Chisinau, Moldova. By putting a lens on museums in Chisinau, now and then, Ilya Rabinovich shows how a country in crisis is trying to grant itself a new history. The museums prove to be the places of prominence where this new national identity is contested.

    184 pages | 17 x 24 cm | Hardcover
    ISBN: 9789081531405 | Eng

    Editors: Huub van Baar, Ingrid Commandeur
    Design: Esther Krop

    With contributions from:
    Viktor Misiano, curator and art critic
    Huub van Baar, philosopher and cultural scholar
    Stefan Rusu, artist-curator
    Bogdan Ghiu, literary scholar, poet and journalist

    This publication is made possible thanks to the generous contribution
    of Mondriaan Fund, SMBA, Materiaalfonds and the Gijselaar-Hintzen Fund

    € 29.95

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  • Robert Smithson
    Art in Continual Movement

    This book deals with the contemporary relevance of Robert Smitsons oeuvre. His seminal Land Art work Broken Circle/Spiral Hill (Emmen, The Netherlands, 1971) is treated as a case study which opens up to a number of actual topics in contemporary art.

    240 pages | 20,4 x 26,8 cm | Hardcover
    ISBN: 9789081531481 | ENG

    Concept, editors: Ingrid Commandeur and Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee
    Authors: Max Andrews, Eric C. H. de Bruyn, Stefan Heidenreich,
    Sven Lütticken, Anja Novak, Vivian van Saaze
    Design and art direction: Esther Krop

    € 25.00

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  • Arnon Grunberg
    Brieven aan Esther

    In the period leading up to the publication of his first novel Blue Mondays (1994), Arnon Grunberg maintained a written correspondence with a 'student' named Esther. Letters to Esther is the result of a unique collaboration between Arnon Grunberg and Alauda Publications. The entanglement of personal biography and professional development of both author and publisher, is a rare find in the book world.

    84 pages | 13,5 x 20 cm | Paperback
    ISBN: 9789081531450 | NL (Dutch language)

    Editor: Ingrid Commandeur
    Design: Esther Krop
    Photo cover: © Peter Daalderop

    Inserted in the book:
    Re-edition of the poem: ‘De dood zal mijn moeder zijn’ (1992) by Arnon Grunberg. This feuille volante was published by Kasimir Uitgeverij in an edition of 50 copies.

    € 13.50

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  • Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off
    Mariken Wessels

    Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off is the unfolding of a melancholic narrative of a woman, whose life seems to be dominated by her obesity. Yet the reader is never turned into a voyeur. ‘Queen Ann’s’ peculiar and touching photo collages of herself, expressing a longing for another ‘being’, are fused with the image that the book evokes around her persona.

    80 pages | 24 x 33 cm | Softcover
    ISBN: 9789081531412 | NL/ENG
    Including glassine envelope containing photos

    Design: Mariken Wessels in cooperation with Esther Krop

    Selected as one of the Best Photo Books of 2010
    by LeMonde.fr, Joerg Colberg, Photo-eye, Humble Arts Foundation,
    Shane Lavalette and Cadoc.nl

    € 35.00

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  • Elisabeth – I want to eat -
    Mariken Wessels

    Elisabeth – I want to eat – consists of a collection of anonymous photographs, letters and postcards belonging to a young woman, which the artist stumbled upon in a shop in the Hendrik Jacobszstraat in Amsterdam. Wessels appropriates the found material in her own way, by photographing the images, creatively processing and arranging them, as well as occasionally adding her own material.

    80 pages | 24 x 33 cm | Paperback
    ISBN: 9789081531436

    € 35.00

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  • Inverted Commas
    Postcards on books

    ‘Inverted Commas’ is the title of a set of 16 postcards containing quotes on books, paper and the print world. The pithy, humorous, and poignant quotes are selected from a wide range of famous and lesser known international sources. The postcards are printed in letterpress on embossed design paper and feature a digitally reproduced 17th century font. The booklet format allows for both a compact overview as well as easy removal. The postcards speak to the hearts of bibliophiles: they are suitable as quotes to hang on the wall, to post with a memorable note along with a gift of a book, or simply to keep on a shelf and read for inspiration.

    16 postcards | 10,5 x 14,8 cm | Paperback
    ISBN: 9789082396607 | ENG

    Graphic design: Esther Krop
    First edition: 500 copies

    € 12.50

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